Top 5 Zombie Movies of All Time

Posted: 06/26/2011 in Movies
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I thought I’d start off with something basic. In my opinion these are the Top 5 Zombie Movies of All Time. Notice how I said “opinion”, because opinions are never wrong…except in this case, where, if my top 2 aren’t at least in your top 10, you are completely wrong.

Of course, the list is always subject to change.

5. Pontypool (2008) – Not your typical zombie movie. The source of the infection is pretty unique and may turn some “zombie purists” off. But, if that’s not an issue for you, this is one great movie. Low on gore, but high on suspense and great acting performances, if you haven’t checked this one out, you should.

4. Zombieland (2009) – This movie expressed what most zombie enthusiasts believe deep down…the zombie apocalypse is gonna be frickin’ awesome! A really fun movie with some great actors to boot. It also contains some surprisingly touching moments. Hopefully the cast won’t become too big-time (read: expensive) to make a sequel. I’m looking at you, Facebook boy!

3. The Horde (2009) – Action movie + Zombie movie = Awesome movie. The French have made some pretty kick-ass zombie movies (see also, Mutants). I know, I’m surprised too. Pretty straight-forward plot: cops and robbers form an uneasy alliance to battle a building full of the undead. Really well done and a lot of fun.

2. Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Just in case you saw the dates on the rest of these movies and thought that I didn’t have respect for the classics, here’s the original. Romero is the grand-daddy of the modern zombie and this is his opus (Yes, Night…not Dawn). This oldie-but-goodie stands the test of time and still gives me the creeps more than any other zombie movie.

1. Dawn of the Dead (2004) – Yep, that says 2004, not 1978. You should know this right now: I’m not a fan of the original Dawn. I find it slow and boring, and I hate the ending. If I’m going to watch a movie titled Dawn of the Dead, 9 times out of 10, it’s gonna be the remake. From the minute that little girl charges down the hallway to the zombie action during the credits, there’s something awesome happening at least every 10 minutes in this movie!

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  3. A lot of people rip the Resident Evil movies, but I agree with you CJ, the first one is a good movie. I don’t put it in the top 10, but it’s still pretty high quality. If you want to talk best zombie video games: Resident Evil 2 is the champion.

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