So, you’re a responsible parent. You want your son or daughter to learn his/her ABC’s. You go out and pick up some educational materials and what do you find: A is for Apple, B is for Ball….yawn….Z is for Zebra. Z is for Zebra? Not in my house it ain’t.

Don’t worry my friend. I’m here to help. Now your child can learn what’s really important with: Do-It-Yourself ABC Zombie Flashcards!

Needed materials:

  • Z is for Zombie PDF file: Zombie flashcards PDF
  • Color Printer
  • Card Stock paper
  • Scissors
  • (optional) Laminator: You can find one at Target, Walmart, or Amazon for about $30
  • (optional) Laminating pouches: I prefer 5 mil for durability

Step 1: Print out the attached Zombie flashcards onto Card Stock paper

Step 2: Cut out each card along the lines

Step 3: Fold cards along the middle line

Step 4: Insert folded cards into laminating pouches

Step 5: Laminate!

Step 6: Now get out there and educate! Remember, children are the future!

If you don't teach your kids about Tar Man, who will?

(Ask Me About Zombies  takes no responsibility for any parent/teacher conferences that may occur as a result of using ABC Zombie Flashcards.)

* I took the awesome Romero picture from

** You can pick up Obama vs. the Zombie merchandise at

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