Adventure Time Zombie Episode

Posted: 07/10/2011 in Misc.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

My 2-year-old daughter has been sick for the last few days. As such, we found ourselves hanging out on the couch and watching a lot of TV this weekend. There’s only so much Backyardigans and Handy Manny one man can take, so I decided to switch over to the Cartoon Network. They were airing a weekend marathon of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. I’d heard of it, but never watched it. It seemed just wacky enough to give it a chance.

Adventure Time chronicles the exploits of a young man named Finn and his dog Jake, who possesses Elongated Man-esque* super powers. They live together in a treehouse in a strange land full of strange creatures. You might recognize the voice of the dog as Bender from Futurama. The character is pretty similar too. The dopey animation style and tone of the show reminds me of the Brad Neely cartoons formerly found at (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to youtube and watch the Washington video right now! )

The reason I’m talking about the show at all is because while we were watching, an episode came on titled: Slumber Party Panic, which featured…you guessed it, zombies. It starts out with Finn and the princess of a candy kingdom conducting science experiments in a candy cemetery in hopes of resurrecting the dead (standard kid’s show stuff). The experiment goes wrong and all of the dead candy people (that is: people who are made of candy) begin rising: zombie-style. Finn and the princess race back into town to gather the townsfolk and protect them from the incoming threat. Princess throws in a monkeywrench when she announces to the people that they are all there for a slumber party. She informs a confused Finn that when candy people get too excited or scared, they explode. Finn is charged with both protecting the people while not letting them know that they are in danger, as the princess works on a cure. Wackiness ensues as the zombies approach and Finn’s dog tries to learn the truth.

As an episode, it’s OK. There’s one moment when a zombie attacks a piece of candy, saying “Gimme some sugar, baby”. (A nice reference, even though the Evil Dead movies are not zombie movies) There are few other laughs, but it didn’t appear that this was one of Adventure Times’ better episodes.

As a series I give Adventure Time: 14 out 18 stars

The episode, Slumber Party Panic: 11 out of 23 stars

* That’s right, I opted for Elongated Man, not Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic


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