Top Zombie Movies of All-Time: 6 -10

Posted: 07/16/2011 in Movies

I’ve already given you my Top 5 Zombie Movies of All-Time. I thought I’d keep the list going and give you my favorites, numbers 6 through 10.

10. Night of the Living Dead (1990) – There have been a few remakes and bastardizations of Romero’s finest film. The only one to do it well has been Tom Savini. His remake keeps the same basic premise, the same creepy feel, and adds some new twists and some pumped up gore.

9. REC (2007)/Quarantine (2008) – Quarantine is the American version of the Spanish REC. The two movies are so similar that I can’t really justify having them take up two slots in my top ten. The differences they do have kind of balance out in terms of pros and cons. I much prefer the cause of the outbreak in Quarantine, but REC’s Manuela Velasco is superior to Quarantine’s Jennifer Carpenter. Head over to the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse for a great breakdown of the differences between the two movies.

8. Dead Snow (2009) – A rip-roaring zombie, Nazi, good time! This one starts out a little slow, but once the action starts, it’s well-worth the wait.

7. Shaun of the Dead (2004) – The catalyst for a new sub-genre within a sub-genre, the zombie comedy, Shaun of the Dead’s execution was just about perfect. Shaun contains a few laugh out loud moments while not skimping on the classic zombie formulas (no place is safe, loved ones hiding their infection).

6. 28 Days Later (2002) –  People who insist that zombies need to be “dead” are missing out on a true zombie masterpiece. 28 Days opts for fast-paced thrills over the shambling, non-stop threat of traditional zombies. It features a different type of intensity that is just as effective.

And here’s the recap if you didn’t want to hit the link:

5. Pontypool, 4. Zombieland, 3. The Horde, 2. Night of the Living Dead, 1. Dawn of the Dead


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