Very Localized Self-Promotion

Posted: 08/05/2011 in Novelties

I love the Kindle. It’s given me access to a ton of zombie literature that I would have never had any knowledge of otherwise (usually for $3 or less, too!) So I wanted to make sure that there was no mistaking what kind of content you would find if you were to peruse my e-library. I decided to go with my own designs. Check them out below:




The front image is a variation of a cover I made for my brother, Kevin Burke’s book, The Last Mailman: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Zombies, so that he could have a cover for Amazon when he self-published it. It has since been picked up by Permuted Press and given a much nicer, professional cover (it should be released sometime in the near future, I’ll be sure to include plenty of plugs and links when it’s available).

I used to create these Kindle skins, and I found the site easy to navigate. I’d recommend them if you’re looking to create custom skin for any number of different devices.


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