The Greatest T-Shirt Ever Made

Posted: 08/19/2011 in Novelties

The Horde (shirt)

Take That! Hang in there kitty.

Behold! The greatest T-Shirt ever made!

The Horde (shirt) is available over at They have a number of zombie shirts, but this one is by far the most awesome.

If you can’t tell from the picture or you’re too lazy to click for a larger view, what you’re looking at is one man’s struggle to survive against an apparently endless sea of zombies. The odds are stacked against him, though he does have the high ground, a shotgun, and a chainsaw. Might there be a helicopter coming to save him in the knick of time? Could he possibly fight his way through the horde? Maybe he’s the selfish asshole character who’s just sacrificed himself so that the rest of his group could escape while he goes down in a blaze of glory. Maybe he’ll just be ripped to shreds in seconds. This is the glory of The Horde.

Also, one of the zombies is wearing a top hat, which might be might favorite thing about this shirt.

Threadless shirts typically sell for $20, but they frequently have sales and drop the prices to $10. There’s one going on right now (ends 8/23) and they currently have all sizes available as a T-shirt or a hoody.,guys/style,shirt

Warning: shirt will not make everyone look this intelligent!


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