When They Come

Posted: 08/23/2011 in Books

When They Come by Jason Sanchez

I’ve read some pretty damn good zombie books for $3 or less thanks to the magic of the Kindle. Every review I’ve written for this blog has been positive. I was beginning to worry that I just enjoy zombie novels so much that they all seem good to me.

Then I read When They Come by Jason “Dirty” Sanchez.

I’ll admit it. I bought this one mainly because of the innuendo-heavy title and the opportunity to make that Sanchez joke. But, what the hell, everything I’d read up until this point had been good. And the description seemed decent enough: zombie apocalypse told through three intertwining stories. This could be the Pulp Fiction of zombie novels….right?….right?….ah, hell. Let’s just get on with it.

THE GOOD: When They Come is a short book.

Yeah….that’s all I got. I usually take a strengths-based approach when writing a review. But, really, that’s the best I can do.

THE BAD: All of it.

I understand the hard work and effort that go into writing a novel. I realize the fortitude it takes to work through the writer’s block and the fear of rejection that comes with putting out a story that you think is worth telling. I couldn’t do it myself. So, I don’t want to rip Mr. Sanchez too badly. But quite honestly, this book is just bad. It’s unoriginal, uninspired, and just plain sloppy. There are typos in every paragraph. There are sentences and paragraphs that don’t make any sense. Some sentences switch from present tense to past tense and back again. The characters are dull and cliched. The dialogue is awful. It is not a long book, but it was pretty hard to get through.

THE UGLIES: The zombies are Romero-style, slow shamblers. For all of the issues with the book, zombie continuity is not one of them. Sanchez does give a lot of gore description that’s halfway decent.

VERDICT: Avoid this book. It is not good. There are much better stories and story-tellers to be found within the zombie genre. 2 out of 24 stars.

  1. kjburke says:

    Is this a worse book than Motocross is a movie?

  2. I’m gonna say no. Motocross Zombies from Hell remains on a crap level all its own.

  3. kjburke says:

    Does this book have a food fight that goes on for 50 pages?

  4. kjburke says:

    Also, I can’t help but wonder if they come around a mountain when they come.

  5. That probably would have been more interesting. Instead, they go to a mall when they come. Not incredibly original.

  6. […] reading Death Bite, I feel like I owe Jason “Dirty” Sanchez (author of When They Come) an apology. I was pretty harsh in my review of Come, but Laurie Bowler makes Sanchez look like […]

  7. Jason Sanchez says:

    it is good to hear a bit of feedback, even if it isn’t the best. 🙂
    At least you liked the gore!
    Thanks for the honesty, I really do appreciate it!

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