Quarantine 2: Terminal & Die Zombiejager

Posted: 10/29/2011 in Movies

Special for the Halloween season was a morning edition of Zombie Movie Night. Eating M&M’s for breakfast, my brother and I took a look at Quarantine 2 and Die Zombiejager.

Quarantine 2: Terminal

Quarantine 2: Terminal is the sequel to a very good film that was an almost identical copy of the Spanish film [REC]. The one very key difference between Quarantine and [REC] was the cause of the zombie infection. (SPOILER ALERT) At the end of [REC], it’s discovered that patient zero was a possessed little girl under the care of a priest trying to exorcise her. Quarantine took a different approach, having the virus being a sort of super-rabies unleashed by a doomsday cult. [REC] 2 goes deeper into the religious/devil aspect, so obviously the Quarantine sequel was going to be something quite different (which is good, because I hated the direction [REC] 2 took).

The events of Q2:T take place either at the same time as or shortly after the original. We’re quickly introduced to a number of passengers and crew on a small plane and thrown a bunch of red herrings as to who might be the first one to turn zombie: there’s a sick co-pilot, a fat guy who gets bitten by a hamster, an old lady carrying a cat. Soon enough, there’s a zombie on the plane, the plane lands, the passengers and crew attempt to leave the terminal only to find that they’re under…..you guessed it……Quarantine!

THE GOOD: Q2:T doesn’t have any recognizable actors, but they all do a pretty good job. The zombies look pretty good and there’s a good amount of action. The story’s pretty solid, but there’s really nothing outstanding about this movie. It certainly doesn’t capture the intensity of the first film. They did dump the handheld camera style, which I count as a plus. While [REC] and Quarantine pulled it off really well, other films that have tried it have been terrible (I’m looking at you Diary of the Dead and Zombie Diaries), hopefully it’s run its course in the zombie genre.

THE BAD: Again, Q2:T kind of falls right in the middle, nothing terrible but nothing great either. There is one thing that did bother me throughout the movie. Every time we see a zombie on screen they’re grunting, groaning, yelling, and loudly stomping all over the place, yet they somehow manage to keep sneaking up on people throughout the run of the film. It’s really just a lazy use of a horror cliche. The way the zombies act combined with the characters’ location in an echo-filled terminal back room means that our heroes should have been able to hear every zombie coming a mile away.

THE ZOMBIES: If you’ve seen the original, you know the zombies we’re dealing with. They’re infected with “super-rabies” making them not actually dead, but sick and extremely violent. (One of the characters refers to it as “people rabies” which doesn’t seem quite accurate since regular rabies does affect humans.) There’s no need to worry about head shots with this bunch, it seems that anything that would kill an ordinary human is enough.

THE VERDICT: Nothing spectacular, nothing god-awful. Q2:T is a solid zombie movie that rests neatly on the middle of the spectrum.

Current ZMN Rank: #23 out of 59

Die Zombiejager

Look at that poster! Die Zombiejager just screams Instant Classic! doesn’t it?…No? I didn’t think so either, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been surprised.

So, does Die Z deliver??? Well….No….or sort of….I don’t know. That’s the main issue here. Die Z is just all kinds of confused, it doesn’t really know what it wants to be and the viewer is left as confused as the filmmakers.

Die Zombiejager is an elite crew of zombie killers that have been hired by German city officials to take care of a little zombie problem, about 100 to 150 zombies depending on who you ask. The team rushes in (without zombie serum mind you) and gets to work. Little do they know, there’s an evil zombie master behind the scenes pulling the zombie strings and creating a “super zombie” (with chest armor!).

THE GOOD: Die Z is, during it’s best moments, somewhat amusing. At some points, it’s laughably bad, other times, just plain bad.

THE BAD: The tone of this movie is all over the place. Is it supposed to be taken seriously? Is it supposed to be a parody of zombie and action movies in general? Is the villain supposed to look ridiculous and cheesy? It’s all really hard to tell. If the filmmakers had just chosen one direction or the other, this would have been a much better movie.

THE ZOMBIES: Standard slow zombies. We are treated to some pretty bad zombie acting and what seems like a generous reuse of extras (I swear one dude played a zombie in at least three different zombie-killing scenes). In the world of Die Z, there does exist a zombie serum, but it is apparently pretty pricey as the city doesn’t have enough to go around. It’s unclear how exactly the serum works, but I certainly hope that it isn’t a complete cure as our main characters liberally dispose of the zombies throughout the city.

THE VERDICT: It’s hard to be disappointed by low-budget zombie crap, but Die Z managed to pull it off. It just felt like it could have been a much better movie with a little more direction. That being said, it did set itself up for a sequel, which I would most likely watch if it ever became available.

Current ZMN Rank: This one is still up the air a bit, as my brother rates it more favorably than I do. Still up for debate, it currently sits at #45 out of 59



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