High School of the Dead

Posted: 11/07/2011 in Misc.

High School of the Dead

My last post was a cute picture of my daughter and I dressing up for Halloween. It just seems wrong that I follow that up with a review of something as perverse as High School of the Dead.

High School of the Dead is anime series that follows a group of high school students as they fight through the zombie apocalypse. I don’t much care for anime, but I care very much about zombies, so I figured I’d give it a shot (the first season is currently available on Netflix instant streaming). As it turns out, HSotD contains a lot the key elements for a great zombie story, but also everything I hate about anime.

The series opens with some really nice sequences of the apocalypse spreading through the school. At one point early on, one of the female characters falls over to reveal a shot of her underwear. “Huh”, I thought, “That’s in pretty poor taste.” Then it happened again…and again….and again…..and (literally) ad nausem. By the time I reached the end of the first episode I realized that what I was really watching was an animated upskirt fetish video disguised as a zombie series.

THE GOOD: The real shame is that HSotD is a pretty good zombie tale. Students escape a school full of their infested classmates and teachers. They then travel through an infected city in search of their families. Pretty standard, but well done. The characters are all fairly interesting as well. If the female characters just wore jeans instead of skirts, I’d be raving about what a good show this is.

Also, the opening theme song is awesomely awkward Japanese to English lyrics at their finest. You can’t top this:

While I’ve lost my shaken sense of reality
Where will my sentiments, piling up like rubble, go?

Holding a crushed hope, I brushed the red rain off and ran in a trance

At the end of crumbled emotions, what do I see? What exists? I still don’t know
All fleeting futures simply kept spreading silently in front of my eyes

Light and shadows vanished; what the last words
Wished for was tomorrow alone; where does it exist in this reality?

Gazing at the crushed present, I ran in the middle of the red rain unhesitatingly

Over the crumbling scenery, what do I know? What do I hear? I can’t see anymore
I’ll simply keep silently choosing the single fleeting future in front of my eyes

At the end of crumbled emotions, what do I see? What exists? I still don’t know
All fleeting futures simply kept spreading silently in front of my eyes

THE BAD: For everything it has going for it, there’s just no getting past the constant barrage of depraved panty shots. A benign shot of two students sitting on a bus…and you can see the girl’s striped underwear. A girl discovers that her mother is still alive, ecstatically she leaps into the air and into her mother’s arms…revealing a shot of her panties in the process. Also shortly into the series, a surviving teacher reminds the audience that all of the characters are “barely teenagers”.

Slightly less disturbing are the constant boob shots. Every female character is endowed beyond the point of physics. If they were real people, I don’t think they’d be able to walk without a brace of some kind. The school nurse even gets a bouncy sound effect whenever she runs.

THE UGLIES: Standard shuffling zombies, nothing particularly unique, but effective in their delivery. HSotD has some really nice zombie sequences.

VERDICT: If I wasn’t a hardcore zombie fan, I would have stopped watching HSotD after episode one. The crotch shots are just that distracting and irritating. Watching HSotD just makes me feel dirty. I’d honestly be more embarrassed if my wife walked in on me watching HSotD then if I were watching hardcore porn. Porn would be easier to explain. 3 out of 10 stars. ( If it weren’t for the disturbing sexuality, it would have been at least an 8 )


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