Blood Creek & Nightmare City

Posted: 12/04/2011 in Movies

The theme for Zombie Movie Night, November 2011 was “Don’t think too much, Don’t ask too many questions, and Enjoy the ride.” If you find yourself sitting down to watch either Blood Creek or Nightmare City and you repeat that mantra to yourself, you’ve got yourself a pretty good moviegoing experience.

Blood Creek

Those wacky Nazis are up to it again. In Blood Creek, a German scholar moves in with an American family. They really should have double-checked his references, as it turns out he’s really an occult-obsessed Nazi sent by Hitler to poke around the family’s basement and check out the ancient artifact they unearthed. Fast forward 70 or so years and we are introduced to Evan, whose brother, Victor, went missing 2 years ago. Victor shows up out of the blue and tells Evan that he needs to accompany him on a mission of revenge…right now! I love my brother, but if he showed up with crazy eyes and a giant beard after being missing for 2 years and demanded I go on a revenge mission with him and I couldn’t ask any questions…I just might make a quick phone call to the police first. Anywho… Victor had been taken hostage by the same family from the prologue, who haven’t aged and who have been housing the Nazi scholar, who is now a zombie-creating monster with multiple layers of face. Zombie fun ensues.

THE GOOD: After watching a lot of shot-on-video zombie crap, Blood Creek looks and feels like a real movie. It’s directed by Joel Schumacher (maybe the first ZMN director I’ve heard of not named Romero). Schumacher also directed the fantastic Falling Down, as well as teaching us all not to take super hero movies for granted by making the worst one ever, Batman & Robin.

Creek is well-acted for the most part and is action-packed enough not to become boring. It also contains an instant classic zombie moment: a mother-fuckin’ zombie horse tearin’ shit up in a country kitchen! Seriously, worth the watch just for that.

THE BAD: The mythology of Blood Creek is really convoluted and confusing. There are a bunch of zombie master-occult-zombie rules that all get thrown around pretty fast. I either didn’t catch all of it or it doesn’t make any sense. I suspect it’s a bit of both. Like I said in the intro: Don’t ask too many questions, and you’ll be alright. Just turn your brain off a little bit.

And one minor thing that irked me: Victor was imprisoned and tortured for 2 years, yet he has an amazing physique. How the hell did he pull that off? They let him work out, but they wouldn’t let him shave?

THE ZOMBIES: All of the zombies in Blood Creek are dead creatures reanimated by the Nazi monster. They are all under his control and do his bidding, though it appears that when a human is fresh they can resist him for a little while at least. He raises all kinds of stuff including humans, dogs, birds, and I think I mentioned horses.

VERDICT: Blood Creek is a fun zombie movie that’s definitely worth checking out. It’s got recognizable actors, good acting, and feels like it almost could have had a theatrical release. Plus…Mother-Fuckin’ Zombie Horse!

Current ZMN Rank: #24 out of 61

Nightmare City

Nightmare City is a 1980 Italian flick that features make-up caked radiation zombies going batshit insane all over the damn place. While the military works harder to cover things up than solve the problem, a feisty journalist and his wife try to flee to safety.

THE GOOD: There’s a lot of crazy wacky stuff in this movie to keep anyone entertained. The movie starts with zombies jumping out of a plane, shooting guns, and going nuts. This pattern is repeated for 90 minutes until the credits roll. In between, the viewer is treated to some gratuitous nudity, laughable dialogue, televisions that explode when thrown, and the worst exercise show ever put on the air interrupted by a zombie attack.

THE BAD: There’s really no plot to be found. The movie formula is pretty much: zombie attack…lull…zombie attack…lull. It starts to get a little bit old, especially when the character’s actions make it really obvious that they’re about to become lunch.  What’s worse are the laughable attempts at social commentary. The philosophical conversations just don’t seem to fit in with the wackiness of the rest of the movie and end up falling really flat.

Be warned: Nightmare City contains one of the worst endings in the history of zombie movies.

THE ZOMBIES: Nightmare City’s zombies aren’t dead. They’re humans who have been exposed to radiation that makes them murderous. Despite their origin, they still appear to spread infection through bites. They run around like crazy people, though they also possess the ability to shoot guns, use weapons, and cut power lines if they feel like it. The make-up used on most of the zombies is so caked-on they almost look more like old school werewolves.

VERDICT: Nightmare City is an insane movie that’s a lot of fun to watch. It’s not great by any stretch of the imagination, but any zombie fan should give it a watch. There are enough scenes that will make you laugh out loud to make it worth it.

Current ZMN Rank: #31 out of 61

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