Walking Dead Action Figures

Posted: 01/24/2012 in Novelties
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The Walking Dead Action Figures: Daryl Dixon and Zombie Walker

McFarlane Toys recently released action figures based on The Walking Dead universe. The first four figures to come out were designs from the comic book and featured Rick, Michonne, and two zombies. I passed on all of them as they looked pretty unappealing. The Rick figure was based off of his look from the cover of the first issue, a look that is not at all representative of Rick in the series. They also chose to dress Michonne in a purple vest with a purple and pink tiger-striped mini-skirt. I must have missed that issue.

The second set, however, is based on the television series and consists of Rick, Daryl, the Jim Carrey look-alike zombie, and the deer-eating zombie from season one. I saw the initial promotional pictures for these and was much more intrigued. During a recent trip to Toys R Us, I picked up Daryl and the Jim Carrey zombie (the package calls him Zombie Walker).

Daryl Dixon is the surprise hit of The Walking Dead television show. He doesn’t exist in the comics, but he’s become a fan favorite of the series. He’s a crossbow shooting, raw squirrel eating, zombie ear necklacing, flower enthusiast, white trash, hillbilly with a heart of gold. I like him because, not coming from the comic world, he’s a total question mark. He’s also awesome, and very well-played by Norman Reedus.

The sculpt on the Daryl figure is decent. It’s not fantastic, but it looks enough like Reedus that you wouldn’t mistake this as a Glenn action figure. Daryl comes with his trademark crossbow, as well as a sling of squirrels, an axe, and a pickaxe. The crossbow and squirrels make sense, the other two are just generic accessories. They’re kind of superfluous though, because Daryl’s sculpt really only allows for one good pose.

Ya’see, Daryl’s got a lot of articulation, but most of it is useless. Especially in his legs. He’s got a T-crotch, cuts at the thigh, and bendable knees. I think he also turns at the waist and ankles, but his sculpt doesn’t allow for much movement. His shoulders have joints but are cocked at such an angle that if he’s not aiming his crossbow, he just looks silly and awkward. McFarlane Toys are not known for their articulation, so I’m not sure why they decided to throw a bunch of useless joints and cuts on Daryl. I’m only going to display him in the one position anyway, but Snake Eyes and Captain America are going to pose circles around him.

Jim Carrey zombie has a superior sculpt to Daryl. He looks much more like his television counterpart. But he’s got some flaws as well. He has almost no articulation. Nothing in the legs and cuts in the shoulders and arms that don’t allow for much movement anyway. The only articulation point worth anything is his neck, which is the only area where you can actually give him any kind of different look (the neck joint in Daryl is his best joint as well).

Carrey’s lack of articulation is a result of his “action feature”. In essence, Carrey is a really nice looking wind-up toy. Think I’m lying, check out his back.

Yep, he winds up and walks. He has weird looking clear plastic extensions on his feet to allow for this feature. Only…the walking feature doesn’t really work. He can’t walk, he just kind of rocks back forth with no forward movement. It’s all kind of dopey, and he really would have been a nicer figure if he didn’t have the winder and instead had some enhanced poseability.

This line is done in a 5″ scale, which is unlike most other figures currently out. This means that they don’t quite fit in. Too tall to hang out with 3 to 4 inchers like GI Joe and Marvel Universe, and too short to chill with the larger 6″ crowd.

Overall, both of these figures were kind of disappointing. It seems like with a few tweaks, they could have been really nice. They’re priced at $15 a figure. That’s really too high for what you’re getting here. Somewhere around 10 would have been a better value, but that doesn’t seem to be how toys are priced anymore. I can’t recommend these fellows and I probably won’t be picking up any more from the series, but if you find them at clearance or in a garage sale at some point, you might want to give them a chance.

  1. Bunny Olesen says:

    Yeah, the original character Rick from the first issues of the comic books was my favorite ‘Rick’. I continued reading it after they changed artists, but originally was enraged by the changes. I had no idea they were making a series until they started marketing it. Good for the ‘comic book guy’, the comics were absolutely outstanding.

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