Maximum Zombies Minimates: NYCC Exclusive

Posted: 03/30/2012 in Novelties
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Maximum Zombies: Surgeon & Biker

Back in October at New York Comic Con, Diamond Select displayed an upcoming line of Zombie minimates. Minimates are two-inch block figures with easily interchangeable parts. Their biggest license is with Marvel comics, but there are also minimates versions for a whole slew of characters, including Back to the Future, 24, Halo, Street Fighter, Knight Rider, and coming soon: The Walking Dead! Along with the display at NYCC, Diamond had an exclusive early release of the zombies, featuring a zombie surgeon and a zombie biker.

Minimates are a lot of fun. They’re tiny, cute and the mix and match body parts make for hours of personal entertainment. The zombies here each come with an alternate head, unmasked for the surgeon and un-sunglassed with alternate hair for the biker. Also included is bloody chainsaw and a bulkier leather jacket. The beauty of the alternate heads is that if you have a few extra minimates laying around, you can now create two more zombies.

The detail on these guys is pretty nice. Surgeon has blood smattered all over his scrubs as well as on his face mask, if you go for the alternate head, he’s still got the blood around his mouth. Biker’s got various rips and tears in his clothing as well as some gaping holes in his chest. These get covered up a bit if you put on his jacket and they kind of look like roses at first glance, so they’re not quite as effective.

I like Biker’s alternate head more than his sunglasses face. Sunglasses face just looks like a pissed off Dog the Bounty Hunter and is less zombie-looking than the alternate. Surgeon’s alternate head is a maniacal mad scientist-looking guy. I’m not too crazy about this one, as I don’t prefer my zombies smiling. He looks more evil than zombie.

Overall these are nice figures and a good start to a zombie horde. For an exclusive, they’re not too expensive to pick up, I got them for $7 on Amazon, which is about what minimates go for in store or online anyway. What made these guys more exciting for me was the promise of more in the future. You can check out the others figures that were on display here:

NYCC Zombie Minimates A03

There’s some pretty awesome stuff there, including a zombie ice cream man and a zombie mailman. These would be perfect companion pieces for the upcoming Walking Dead minimates. While the WD figures look nice and I’ll be excited to get Rick and Tyreese and all of the other characters, the zombies have to be comic or TV accurate so they’re not going to be as fun as what Maximum Zombies was offering. Unfortunately, it looks like Surgeon and Biker might be the only figures to see the light of day. There haven’t been any other announcements since NYCC and ToyFair came and went without any new pics. I do hope I’m wrong as these guys have a lot of promise.

  1. Wow! Zach Oat! Awesome! I miss ToyFare.
    Thanks for the info. I hope that “on hold” doesn’t mean forever or even until the Walking Dead figures run their course. Because A) I really want the WD figures to succeed and have a long run (or at least until I can get an Axel minimate), and B) because the WD and Maximum Zombies would really be fantastic side by side. I would love to have Andrea taking down a zombie clown.

  2. kjburke says:

    The third picture looks like the zombies are ascending to heaven, which makes me happy for them.

  3. It’s the beginning of a story in which zombies are accidentally let into heaven and start wreaking havoc. After the zombies turn God’s most badass angels, it’s up to Mother Theresa and Theodore Roosevelt to cleanse heaven of the undead.

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