The Undead Situation

Posted: 04/22/2012 in Books
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The Undead Situation by Eloise J. Knapp

“I love her, I can’t kill her…I just can’t!”

“C’mon, honey, I’m your mother. Don’t you remember me?”

“He’s my best friend! I’m not letting you anywhere near him with that gun!”

“Maybe not everyone who’s bitten turns into a zombie.”

These are the statements that get us all killed during the zombie apocalypse. It’s not our fault. We’re social beings by nature. None of us can survive completely on our own. Right?

Well apparently, Eloise J. Knapp has had enough of that crap. She’s seen enough fictional characters get taken down by their attachments to others, that she wanted to go in a new direction. In The Undead Situation she presents us with a character who’s completely anti-social, and prefers it that way. Can he survive any better than the poor schlubs fighting to protect their families? And even more important, is his story worth reading?

THE GOOD: The Undead Situation is a good read all the way around. The story is well-told and held my interest throughout. The characters, while not likable (intentionally so, I think) are well-developed. Really, just a solid story all the way around.

THE BAD: I’m sure there’s a sequel in the works, but Sitch leaves some really big loose ends flapping around. It still works as a self-contained story, but Knapp is obviously leaving some stuff for the next round. Also, if you’re not into having the majority of your main characters be complete assholes, this book might not be for you.

THE UGLIES: Knapp does something slightly interesting as she includes both fast and slow zombies. The recently turned are fast until rigor mortis sets in, then they slow down into your more classic shambler.

THE VERDICT: The Undead Situation is a solid all the way around and presents a fresh take on life after the apocalypse. Whether you think it’s better to detach from all other humans when zombies show up is still up to you to decide. This one gets a hearty recommendation from me and it’s currently available on Amazon for 99 cents. That’s a deal you can’t beat.

*Despite the misleading title, none of the cast of The Jersey Shore appear in this novel. I know, I was disappointed too.


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