10 More Quality Zombie Movies Streaming on Netflix

Posted: 07/14/2012 in Movies

Back in September I posted a list of quality zombie films that were available to watch instantly on Netflix. I took an updated look through their archives and have come up with a new list for those of you who like zombies, but don’t like movies that suck. It’s a hard road for you, my friend, and I’m here to help.

1. Pontypool – Super awesome movie with a pretty original twist on a zombie outbreak. If you’re looking for super gore, this isn’t the film. But if you’re looking for suspense, intensity, and good acting watch this movie!

2. The Signal – This is another different kind of zombie movie. If you’re a purist zombie-snob you probably won’t consider it a zombie movie at all. Well, fuck you. It’s got all the best elements of zombie paranoia and it’s packed with action, intensity, and humor.

3. Rammbock – A German film that features a man sleeping in a bear costume for no apparent reason. If that’s not reason enough to watch, it’s also a really good movie about two strangers stuck in an apartment together while the world goes zombie.

4. Helldriver – Super wacky Japanese action explosion. See! a zombie construct a working automobile out of other stray zombie limbs! See! a woman with no heart wield a chainsaw samurai blade! See! a zombie use a fetus and umbilical cord like an undead mace! See! a car engage in a sword fight!

5. Zombie Women of Satan – The title begs you to have low expectations, but this is actually a really funny and entertaining movie. With boobs! Just leave your sense of decency at the door for an hour and a half.

6. Survival of the Dead – George Romero’s most recent addition to the genre. While not a great film, certainly worth a watch.

7. Primal – Another quasi-zombie film. Starts out like a worn-out cliche (4 college kids goes off the beaten path during their vacation), but ends up being a pretty fun romp.

8. Quarantine 2: Terminal – Out of the apartment and into an airport, survivors try to stay alive in the face of super-rabies. Nowhere near as good as the original (or the real original, [REC]), but still a pretty good watch.

9. Blood Creek – Oh, those wacky Nazis. Always creating occult- related mischief. Blood Creek features next year’s new Superman, Henry Cavill, Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell, and Young Magneto, Michael Fassbender.

10. Last of the Living – Three slackers ride out the zombie apocalypse in various unoccupied mansions until they stumble on a potential zombie cure. Funny enough to give it a shot on a rainy afternoon.


Also still streaming: The Horde, Dead Snow, Mutants, Dance of the Dead, DIEner…(get it?), Night of the Living Dorks, Doghouse, Zombie Farm, Mutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood.

No longer streaming: Zombies of Mass Destruction, Boy Eats Girl,

  1. Just re-watched Shaun of the Dead…thanks for the list!

  2. bates says:

    I typed several of these movies names into the search and I was appalled at how bad most of the movies you listed were..they were so bad I had to fast forward through them (currently 1h1m into pontypool of its 136m run time haven’t seen a single zombie) and rammbock for some reason not just you but alot of people like that zombie flick…it’s crap.. to make zombies literally turn and run away from you because of a camera flash is dumb… the whole story is about a guy with jo balls acting like a freak going to germany to his girls house without permission… to find her railing dude in the attic and at the end letting her eat him or whatever… horrible horrible story…you fail to mention dumb crap like that, that would actually save people time knowing how bad certain scenes are. I believe the only ok film mentioned was the horde.. though I didn’t finish that either, but it started descent. you could always fire back with hey you didn’t watch them all I did and win some people over but after listing rammbock I had to say somthing and save some of these people. especially pontypool that from what I can tell doesn’t have any zombies in it with less then 30minutes to go… c’mon guy wake up… go watch exit humanity. that’s a good zombie film

    • Hey, sorry you didn’t care for the movies. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Yours just happens to be really, really wrong. If you’re going to get hung up on a strict zombie definition, you’re going to miss out on some good movies. Pontypool may not have typical zombies, but the tension and suspense are palpable and Steven McHattie puts in a great performance. I have seen Exit Humanity and really didn’t care for that one, it moved a little slowly for my taste. The review is on the site if you care to look it up.

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