Exit Humanity

Posted: 08/18/2012 in Movies
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Exit Humanity

Zombie Movie Night always gets a little screwy in August. August is the month when my family goes on vacation every year, but not always at the same time. So, oftentimes on the first Friday of the month, either my brother or I are away. This year, we had 2 days in which we were at the Jersey Shore together, so we decided to take ZMN on vacation with us. Unfortunately, between family togetherness and vacation activities, we only got around to watching one movie, and we were both pretty exhausted while watching it.

Exit Humanity is a post-Civil War zombie story. Mark Gibson plays a Civil War veteran ready to kick back and enjoy life….until he comes home one day to find that his wife is a zombie and his son is missing. His journey begins as a search for his boy, but ends up involving an uneasy alliance with another drifter, a rescue mission, the Mom from E.T. (who may or may not have caused the apocalypse), and an evil Confederate General who is torturing innocent people in the hopes of finding a zombie cure.

THE GOOD: That description sounds a little convoluted, but EH actually has a pretty good flow. There are several story arcs that each come to a conclusion without fumbling over each other. EH also has some decent production value and above-average acting (by zombie movie standards).

THE BAD: Aside from the setting, EH doesn’t really deliver anything ground-breaking or incredibly original. I’m not really sure if it was my own state of mind at the time or the movie itself, but the film just never really sucked me in.

It also stars 2010 Golden Zombey Best Actor, Stephen McHattie, but does absolutely nothing with him.

THE ZOMBIES: Pretty standard zombies. The narrator does gives some exposition at the beginning of the movie explaining the kinds of zombies he’s dealing with. The zombies do look good with a nice job on make-up and special effects. Threat Level: 5

VERDICT: I feel like I owe this film another viewing at a time when I’m less distracted and more awake. Everything about it seemed to be above zombie average, yet nothing about it seems incredibly memorable to me. As is, I’m giving it a C, though  if it shows up streaming on Netflix at some point, I’ll rewatch it and may change my mind.

Current ZMN Rank: #44 out of 84

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