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Zombie Movie Night: August just seems to keep on going this year. The family took a trip to the movies to see:


ParaNorman is the story of a young boy who can see and talk to the dead. Not in a scary, Sixth Sense kind of way, but more of a fun, Beetlejuice kind of way. Norman’s special skill has made him a bit of an outcast in his neighborhood (which is revealed to be full of a bunch of small-minded buffoons anyway). The town has a dark history traced back to a witch’s curse. When it appears that the witch is returning and bringing an army of the undead with her, ParaNorman’s special ability may be the only thing that can save the town.

THE GOOD: ParaNorman comes from the makers of Coraline, and just like that movie, this one looks fantastic. I’m blown away by the amount of work that must have gone into crafting every detail of the characters and the town.

Aside from that, the movie itself is engaging and funny. There are lots of nods to zombie and horror movies in general. One of the best parts of the film is right at the beginning as Norman watches a delightfully cheesy zombie movie with his grandmother.

THE BAD: There are some creepy and scary portions of the movie that may be too much for some youngsters, though having a 300 pound corpse lick a nine-year-old boy is much cuter in claymation than it might be in live action. With that said, I brought my three-year-old daughter and she’s been singing its praises since.

THE ZOMBIES: ParaNorman’s zombies are of the really dead, and really old variety. There’s a great moment where they all come out of the grave and this may mark the first time a zombie has ever come out from the dirt butt-first. The music that accompanies the zombie scenes is great and reminiscent of Zombie 2.

The zombies are threatening at first, but their motivation is suspiciously non-violent (how much blood and gore can you expect from a PG movie?). Threat Level: 1

THE VERDICT: ParaNorman was great fun and should bring a smile to the face of kids and horror fan parents as well. This one is worth a $10 trip to the theater. Grade: A

Current ZMN Rank: #8 out of 85

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