2012 Golden Zombey Awards

Posted: 09/18/2012 in Movies

Last week concluded the 3rd full year of Zombie Movie Night. That means it is time to hand out awards to the best and worst of the ZMN participants this year. Eligible movies were any that were viewed as part of ZMN between October 2011 and September 2012. Here’s a quick rundown of the winners. For a more detailed presentation click the link: 11:12 Zombeys PDF

Best Picture: [REC] 3: Genesis

Best Actor: Bill Oberst Jr. – Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

Best Actress: Leticia Dolera – [REC] 3: Genesis

Best Supporting Actor: AJ Bowen – The Signal

Best Supporting Actress: Eihi Shiina – Helldriver

Outstanding Zombie: Mel – Primal

Best Villain (non-zombie): Richard Wirth – Blood Creek

Best Zombie-Fighting Duo: Blood Creek – Evan & Victor Marshall

Best Foreign Language Film: [REC] 3: Genesis

Best Zombie Comedy: Zombie Women of Satan

Best Animated (or Partially Animated) Film: ParaNorman

Best Nudity: The Dead and the Damned

Best Soundtrack: Last of the Living

Most Memorable Massacring of Zombies: Last of the Living – Johnny’s Berserker Attack

Most Original Zombie Origin: Severed: Forest of the Dead – Genetically Altered Trees

Most Bizarre Zombie Behavior: Helldriver – Car Made from Zombie Parts

Best Unintentional Comedy: Hell’s Ground – Inept Zombie Midget

Worst Ending: Nightmare City

Biggest “WTF!” Moment: Descendents – Killer Octopus Happy Ending

Best Poster Art: Helldriver

  1. […] To say I have been inattentive to this site is an understatement.  Since my last post, we have handed out the Golden Zombey Awards, and watched four zombie movies.  I’m sorry, but I have had a lot on my plate lately.  My brother puts a lot of effort into presenting our Golden Zombey Awards.  I encourage you to check out his site if you want the full run-down, complete with an amazing PDF file.  https://askmeaboutzombies.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/2012-golden-zombey-awards/ […]

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