Posted: 10/10/2012 in Misc.

Just in time for Halloween…

Ask Me About Zombies

So, you’re a responsible parent. You want your son or daughter to learn his/her ABC’s. You go out and pick up some educational materials and what do you find: A is for Apple, B is for Ball….yawn….Z is for Zebra. Z is for Zebra? Not in my house it ain’t.

Don’t worry my friend. I’m here to help. Now your child can learn what’s really important with: Do-It-Yourself ABC Zombie Flashcards!

Needed materials:

  • Z is for Zombie PDF file: Zombie flashcards PDF
  • Color Printer
  • Card Stock paper
  • Scissors
  • (optional) Laminator: You can find one at Target, Walmart, or Amazon for about $30
  • (optional) Laminating pouches: I prefer 5 mil for durability

Step 1: Print out the attached Zombie flashcards onto Card Stock paper

Step 2: Cut out each card along the lines

Step 3: Fold cards along the middle line

Step 4: Insert folded cards into laminating pouches

Step 5:…

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