The Walking Dead Minimates: Series 1

Posted: 10/21/2012 in Novelties
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What a great time of year October is! Beautiful Fall weather, pumpkin carving, Halloween festivities, Season 3 of The Walking Dead, and finally the release of The Walking Dead Minimates!

These guys are all comic based, so if you’re looking for a Darryl Dixon or T-Dog figure you’re out of luck. Standard minimates typically come in series of two-packs and The Walking Dead is no exception. Series 1 includes:

Rick Grimes and One-Armed Zombie

Burned Zombie and Guts Zombie

Dale and Female Zombie (alternate Variant Winter Coat Dale)

I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that I love minimates. They’re super fun and endlessly interchangeable. They also tend to come with a bunch of accessories to give you even more options. Rick, in particular, comes stacked. He’s got his Sheriff’s hat and a separate hairpiece, alternate arms so he can go jacketless, gun bag with two large guns, and a holster that holds his pistol and his trusty axe. The others don’t come quite as equipped, but both Dales have small guns that fit into their holsters and the zombies with hacked limbs have alternates in case you want them fully armed.

These figures also have a tremendous amount of detail for such small figures. The faces are all solid and look good and there’s plenty of cute gore on the zombies.

I’m not a big fan of variants and was not really looking forward to “Winter Coat” Dale, but I gotta say that the little guy grew on me as soon as I took him out of the package. I actually prefer his grimace to regular Dale’s sad sack look.

Overall, these figures lived up to expectations and I can’t wait to further fill in the roster. Two Toys R’ Us exclusives should be available soon and include Shane and Glenn with zombies of their own. Wave 2 will feature figures of Lori, Michonne, and Andrea (and her doomed sister, Amy as the variant). You can pick these up in local comic shops, Toys R’ Us, online at Amazon or Big Bad Toy Store, but I’d recommend Luke’s Toy Store, a small online store run by a guy who specializes in Minimates and will always ship your items with care.

As always the best thing about minimates is the vast array of other figures you can mix and match them with. So, in case you were wondering what it would look like if Rick enlisted the assistance of Mike Haggar (the shirtless mayor of Metro City), Lion-O, and the Expendables (with Sly Stallone flying the Green Goblin’s Glider) then all you need to do is keep scrolling down!

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Aaahhh!! Zombies!!!

TV Show Dale!

My Zombie Fighting Dream Team

Special Bonus: The Mayor of Metro City!


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