How to Train Your Zombie

Posted: 12/09/2012 in Books

How to Train Your Zombie by Catherine Winchester

Train Your Zombie

It’s been a little while since I read or reviewed a zombie novel. (I started reading Game of Thrones. There are 5 books and they’re all really long.) I saw this one over on BuyZombie. It was on sale for zero dollars. The price seemed right to me, so I gave it a shot.

The war on zombies has been fought and is nearly won. Though the threat is still ever-present, humans are moving on for the most part. Meg trains dogs for the military while trying to re-establish normal with her boyfriend, Jim. However, when Jim gets careless and is bitten by a dormant zombie, Meg finds it hard to let go. She decides to keep him around and attempt to train him in similar fashion to a nippy dog.

THE GOOD: Winchester’s got a pretty decent idea here. This is not a gory, end-of-the-world tale. It’s more light-hearted and fairly easy to read (If you don’t mind all of the Scottish? British? slang).

THE BAD: HtTyZ does have a fair amount of flaws. It’s told as if the main character is talking directly to the reading, and I found it a bit annoying and distracting at points in the story. There’s also a good amount of typos, but not so many to make it unreadable. The biggest issue I have with the book is that things seem to go a little too smoothly for Meg. Conflicts are introduced and then quickly resolved. I think the narrative would have been improved if just one or two of the main conflicts were expanded upon and made a bigger focus of the larger story.

THE ZOMBIES: Zombies here are slow and stupid for the most part. They’ve caused a fair amount of world destruction, though they’re painted pretty tame. They’re able to be domesticated about as easily as a standard house pet. This may bother some hardcore zombie enthusiasts and I admit, I would have liked them to be a bit more dangerous.

VERDICT: I liked HtTyZ mainly as a break from your standard zombie monotony. It’s certainly a different story. With some tweaks, I think it could have been a lot stronger though. Grade: C.

How to Train Your Zombie is currently available on 3 bucks for the Kindle version, 11 bucks in paperback.


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