December got an extra movie this year. My cousins were up visiting, so while the women and children took a ride on the Polar Express, my brother, my cousin, my father, and I settled in for some guy time. And what’s more manly than zombies and professional wrestling? This also gave us the opportunity to put the Zombie Movie Night roster at a perfect 100 films!

Monster Brawl

Monster Brawl

Monster Brawl pits an array of hideous monsters against each other in wrestling matches to the death. You can read that sentence and pretty much know if this is a movie for you or not. The underlying plot is….well, nothing. There is no plot outside of the fact that monsters are fighting each other in a wrestling ring.

THE GOOD: The whole movie is ridiculous in a fun way. Each character is given a little back story and before each match-up they cut a standard pro-wrestling promo, most of which are pretty funny. I think Dave Foley is pretty much playing himself, drinking on the job and wondering what happened to the days when he was the star of a critically acclaimed NBC sitcom. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart actually does play himself, and if you don’t know who he is, then you should probably skip Monster Brawl.

THE BAD: If you’ve never in your life watched professional wrestling, then there’s no way you could possibly enjoy this movie. There’s no movie outside of the monster tournament. Even if you’re just a monster fan, you’ll probably be thinking things like, “That’s not the technique a witch would use against a cyclops!” or “Why would a werewolf put someone in a figure-four leg lock?” And again, this movie has no plot, so if you like that kind of thing, you might also be turned off.

THE ZOMBIES: ****Spoiler Alert****** This movie actually has more zombie action than I thought it would. Zombie Man is one of the fighters (he’s up there on the bottom left of the poster) and technically Frankenstein and the Mummy are zombies too. But, there’s also a scene with zombies rising from their grave and they effectively infect a few main characters. Unfortunately, Zombie Man doesn’t fair too well in his match, but really a one-on-one match-up does not play to a zombie’s strengths. Threat Level: 4

VERDICT: I haven’t watched wrestling in a long time, but I was a big fan growing up. I spent a lot of that time watching with my brother and cousin. So we all had a good time watching this movie. I was actually relieved that it didn’t have a story, because I’m sure that any attempt at story-telling would have been terrible. Monster Brawl knows what it is and delivers what it promises. Grade: B+

Current ZMN Rank: #35 out of 100. It loses some points for only being partially a zombie movie, though it does not contain the least percentage of zombie action of the movies on the list.

Golden Zombey WatchMonster Brawl will probably contend for Best Zombie Comedy. If the Supporting Actor category is weak enough, Jimmy Hart or Kevin Nash may sneak in a nomination on name recognition. 


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