Walking Dead Minimates: Series 1 TRU Exclusives

Posted: 12/19/2012 in Novelties
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A little while ago, I reviewed the first series of Walking Dead Minimates. The series is completed by a pair of Toys R’ Us exclusive sets containing: Shane & Punk Zombie and Glenn & Nerd Zombie.


Glenn and Nerd Zombie may be favorite set so far. Glenn looks great and comes with a backpack that nicely contains a pair of bolt cutters and a flashlight. He also has a gun and holster that’s slightly different than those we’ve seen with Rick and Dale. Allegedly, all of the zombie figures are based off zombies that have actually appeared in the comic book. However, Nerd Zombie is the first one that I immediately recognized. He appeared fairly early on in the comic as Rick and Shane stumbled upon him chowing down on a deer. He even produced a counterpart on the TV Show. His figure looks awesome and even comes with a small piece of deer meat for him to chew on.


Shane and Punk Zombie are pretty cool too, though I found their set to be the less impressive of the bunch. Shane comes with a jacket that matches Rick’s, with alternate short-sleeved arms for when the weather is warmer. He also has a pistol with holster and a shotgun, both of which we’ve seen before. He has a good-looking police hat, though an alternate piece of hair would have been nice. The look of his face kind of bugs me though. The way his facial lines and scruffiness are portrayed makes him look like he’s got a bit of a fu-manchu mustache. I wish they would have omitted those strong lines or had his five o’clock shadow go all the way under his nose….er, mid-face area. Punk Zombie is sufficiently gruesome with half of his face hanging off. He’s a nice looking figure, but for such a eye-catching zombie, I don’t know where he showed up in the books. Looks like I’m going to have to give them another read-through!


I really dig these Walking Dead figures and it’s great to have Glenn and Shane join Rick and Dale with a healthy group of zombies nipping at their heels. If you can only get one of these two sets, I’d go with Glenn and Nerd, but they’re all winners.

These are Toys ‘R Us exclusives so they can only be found in stores or at toysrus.com. They sell for eight bucks, however these guys have been notoriously hard to find up until this point. I managed to get them off of the website at just the right time as they appear to no longer be in stock there. Collectors seem to be having trouble finding in stores with any consistency too. If you really want to pick these guys up, you’re best bets (outside of overpaying on ebay) would be to talk to your local TRU employees or head over to the forums at minimatescentral.com to find another collector to help you out.


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