Walking Dead Minimates: Amazon.com Exclusive

Posted: 12/29/2012 in Novelties
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The Walking Dead minimates are coming on pretty strong now. Wave 2 is out soon and will give us Michonne, Lori, Andrea, Amy, and Morgan. A surprise set also just came out and is exclusive to Amazon.com.


The set contains Rick in his prison jumpsuit (sporting the bruises he got from his scuffle with Tyreese), a grimacing Michonne (her gritted teeth are the only difference from the Michonne we’re getting in series 2), and two fairly non-descript zombies (the box labels them “Zombie Roamer” and “Zombie Lurker”).


I like this Rick figure. The details on his beat-up face are really nicely done. I’m excited to get the characters representing their prison days. Andrea will be in her prison suit as well, and there have been hints that wave 3 will be prison-heavy.

Michonne, I like less. I love her character. I just hate this outfit. I know she appeared in these colors on one of the comic covers, but I just don’t picture her in such bright colors with two different color socks. I’m looking forward to getting her in more low-key attire. Other small complaints are that her hair sits pretty high on her head, making her a bit taller than everyone else. Future versions may be improved if her bandana is part of her head rather than her hair piece. Her sword is unimpressive as well. The sword is almost a character in itself. I would have liked it to be a little longer with more detail, or at least a painted handle.

As for other accessories, the set contains a pistol and a shotgun. Both of which we’ve seen before. More awesome are the four clear bases, which are solid and really of higher quality than bases that have been included in other minimate sets.


The zombies in this set are pretty generic, but the details are nicely done. They do a good job of expanding the zombie horde. I like sweater vest a little bit better, but only because I think I pinpointed the comic zombie he’s based on. (You can find him as one of the zombies attracted by Allen’s gunshots in the gated community). These guys won’t win any fan-favorite competitions, but cool-looking zombie minimates are always welcome.


This set is only available at Amazon.com and sells for $20 bucks. Since the regular two-packs
go for $7.50 to $8, four figures at $5 each is a pretty good deal. If you haven’t been hooked onto the series already, this might be a good way to get started. You get two zombies and two of the series’ heavy hitters.

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