Dead Frost

Posted: 01/05/2013 in Books
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Dead Frost by Adam Millard

Dead Frost

Dead Frost is the follow-up to Adam Millard’s previous zombie novel, Dead Cells. It picks up shortly after Cells conclusion. Our hero, Shane, is now out of prison. He and a handful of survivors from the first book have now settled in with a small group led by a small military force. They quickly piss off the military leader, by taking off with the group’s best vehicle in an effort to find Shane’s family.

THE GOOD: Millard is a pretty good story teller and outside of occasional typos, Frost is well-written. I read Dead Cells awhile ago, but it wasn’t long until I had a pretty good recollection of the key characters.

THE BAD: The best thing about Cells was its over-the-top nature. The prison cliches were strong and it read like a 90’s action movie. Frost is much more subdued. That’s a double-edged sword. While it achieved a smaller degree of heart, I missed the action movie pace and extremism.

THE ZOMBIES: Standard zombie rules apply. Bites turn you, the zombies are motivated, but not necessarily runners. I always find kid zombies a little extra creepy and Millard provides some of those.

VERDICT: I’ve got to say that I enjoyed Dead Cells more than its sequel. It’s still a decent read, but nothing spectacular. Grade: B-


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