Walking Dead Minimates: Wave 3 TRU Exclusives

Posted: 05/23/2013 in Novelties
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TRU Walking Dead Exclusives:
Glenn & Vest Zombie
Carol & Pole Zombie

Running from Zombies

This month sees the release of the newest wave of Walking Dead Minimates from Diamond Select Toys. I’ve reviewed previous sets and if you’ve read any of them, you know that I am in love with these little guys. As always this wave contains some figures that are found exclusively at Toys R Us and some that are available exclusively at online and specialty stores. I was able to get my hands on the TRU figures, which unfortunately have been difficult for collectors in the previous 2 waves. Here’s to hoping that these guys are selling well enough to increase supply.

Glenn & Vest Zombie

Glenn & Vest Zombie

This is Glenn’s second go-around as a TRU exclusive figure. The first one may be the hardest (or most expensive) WD minimate to find, so it was nice that DST gave us a new Glenn so soon. Not to mention that he’s a pretty popular character in both the comic and the show. This Glenn sports a sweatshirt and what is presumably a bald head under his cap. The figures captures Glenn’s look nicely from the period when he decided to stay at Hershel’s farm to have sex stay with Maggie. He’s also got a grittier, angrier face as opposed to his more fresh-faced earlier figure.

Vest Zombie is a pretty standard zombie. His distinction is his facial hair, which is either some serious muttonchops or an Abe Lincoln beard, it’s hard to tell. Either way I’m digging his nicely detailed zombie face. The other really nice touch on Vest is his torso damage. Instead of just painting it on, he’s actually got a small chunk taken out of his side (I’m not sure if you can see it clearly in the photo). This is an example of the tiny extras and attention to detail that make this line of figures fantastic for collectors.

Carol & Pole Zombie

Carol & Pole Zombie

If you’re a fan of the show, you know Carol as the increasingly badass, short-haired woman who lost her abusive husband and young daughter to zombies and who advocates for post-coital murder. This figure is not that Carol. Carol in the comics is slightly to moderately unstable and attempts to cling to a number of different characters in the book. Ultimately her instability leads to her self-inflicted demise. The version we get here is pre-prison, out on the road, Carol. She comes packaged with jacket and winter hat, but also has extra arms and hair for when she comes in out of the cold. Her face is fairly non-distinct, which is appropriate for her character. I’m hoping that later we get a slightly crazier-looking prison Carol.

Pole zombie is the zombie who got Carol after being brought inside the prison for research. Not as sexy as her name might imply, she comes with the pole and ropes that kept her captive in the comics, as well as a hungry look on her face. All of the zombie minimates are based on zombies that appeared in the comics, but Pole Zombie is one that most fans will easily recognize immediately. Without the pole, she can also stand in as a member of your now-growing minimate zombie horde. If you wanted to buy three more Carol’s, you could also use the poles to recreate the Woodbury arena. (What you do with your spare Carols is your own business)

Overall, these sets continue the high quality that DST has been giving us with The Walking Dead. Also in wave 3 are Riot Gear Rick, Dexter (the prison inmate), Hershel, and a beat-up Tyreese (all with various zombies). You can get Rick and Dexter at TRU as well, Hershel and Tyreese are specialty exclusives.

*The awesome damaged city backdrops are available at Luke’s Toy Store online.

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Alternate Carol & Comparison Glenns

Death of Carol


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