State of Emergency & Black Swarm

Posted: 06/22/2013 in Movies
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Summer time is upon us. And Summer 2013 will actually feature a big budget blockbuster zombie movie. It’s not too often you get to say that. Will World War Z bomb? be awesome? both? Well, we’ll find that out later this month, but first our regularly scheduled June Zombie Movie Night features:

State of Emergency

State of Emergency

The plot of State of Emergency is pretty straight forward. Zombie outbreak happens (that sucks). Dude loses wife (that’s sad), holes up in a barn (that’s lonely), then finds some fellow survivors (hooray for friends) and moves into their abandoned tobacco factory. Together, they fight zombies and diabetes.

THE GOOD: S of E is formulaic, but it’s not terrible. It’s slow at times, but never grinds to a full halt. Decent acting, dialogue, and effects here.

THE BAD: S of E does not offer anything new, exciting, or terribly interesting to the genre. Even though the film is slow at some parts, the character development still ends up feeling rushed. The female love interest starts out not talking to our hero, then for no reason at all, spills her guts to him. Hero and buddy get mad at each other, then they’re fine with no real emotional payoff.

THE ZOMBIES: The S of E zombies are an interesting breed. They look like a Threat Level 10, but act like a Threat Level 1. They have a creepy habit of standing still and staring at the survivors, perhaps indicating some level of insight or intelligence. They’re also runners, sprinting towards their prey like 28 Days Later zombies. But then at the point of attack…they’re terrible. They growl and tackle people, but never once in the movie do they do any real damage. I don’t know how the fictional world fell to these yippie-dog-like zombies. Threat Level: 2

VERDICT: Another middle of the pack zombie movie. Might be worth it if you’re into zombies, but no one will mistake it for anything great. Grade: C

Current ZMN Rank: #70 out of 115

Golden Zombey WatchLead Actor, Jay Hayden was decent, but I don’t think he’ll get the nod looking at this year’s other contenders so far. Hayden and his sidekick may have a better shot at Zombie Fighting Duo. But I think S of E’s best bet may be in Bizarre Zombie Behavior for the zombie who flat-out gives up after getting shot in the leg (he lays on the ground and pouts before being put out of his misery)

Black Swarm

Black Swarm

Black Swarm is a true B-movie…eh? eh?    Ok, now that you’re done doing whatever the real-life equivalent of ‘lol’ is, let’s get serious. This movie is about wasps. Wasps that turn people into zombies. I think it was based on a true story. I don’t know. I don’t have time to look these things up.

THE GOOD: BS is ridiculous. But, ridiculous in the good kind of way. It’s self-aware and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The funny thing is, though, that the funniest moments are of the unintentional variety. The romantic backstory is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. If you’re going to watch BS, make sure you write it down as you go.

BS also stars Robert Englund in a supporting role. He brings what you’d expect and his presence is always welcome in crappy horror movies.

THE BAD: Nothing terrible, just don’t expect anything good. Our heroes try to kill a swarm of bees by blowing up a van. That’s pretty stupid.

THE ZOMBIES: The BS zombies are infected by mutated wasps. They then act as drones for the queen. They’re essentially humans possessed by wasps. I’m not sure how that benefits the wasps. They walk around like zombies, but aren’t incredibly threatening. During the climax, the heroes run around them as if they were parking cones. Threat Level: 3

VERDICT: BS falls into the “so bad it’s good” category, which is sometimes the best thing you can hope for on Zombie Movie Night. Grade: C+

Current ZMN Rank: #66 out of 115

Golden Zombey WatchSarah Allen might make the cut for Best Actress and Robert Englund could earn himself a second consecutive Supporting Actor nod. Best bets are probably in Zombie Origin and Unintentional Comedy.


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