Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead

Posted: 07/05/2013 in Movies
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Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead


My brother gave me Mimesis for my birthday, which meant that it was time for bonus ZMN! Mimesis is an interesting addition to the roster. A group of horror convention attendees are invited to an exclusive after-party. They soon find out that the punch was spiked and wake up dressed as characters from Night of the Living Dead. They find themselves in a farmhouse surrounded by zombies. Are they living a real-life nightmare? Are the zombies real? Is the danger real? Or is it all some kind of sick joke?

THE GOOD: The concept for Mimesis is pretty good and since NOTLD is in the public domain, they could reference it, rip it off, and use real footage on the cheap.

THE BAD: Unfortunately, the concept is better in theory and ultimately more than the filmmakers could pull off. The final product is a bit messy, with gaping plot holes, and a number of questionable decisions: first among them the bizarre use of fast-motion. Anyone who’s ever seen Insane in the Brain knows that fast-motion is always funny. If you’re not using it for comedy, what the hell are you thinking?

THE ZOMBIES: SPOILER ALERT! It turns out that the zombies in the film are not actual zombies, but demented horror-fan psychopaths looking to live a real life horror movie. It’s not much of a spoiler, as it is pretty much the basis of the film. I would have liked the twist to have been that there were also real zombies, but, oh well. So, if you were a group of 6 adults and 1 child, would you rather be surrounded in a house by 8 murderer/actors or 30 mindless zombies? Threat Level: ?

VERDICT: So Mimesis is the first movie to make the ZMN roster without featuring any kind of real zombies at all. Yet, it is still much more of a zombie movie than at least 10% of the list. Craziness. Mimesis gets extra points for ingenuity, but then loses points for not being that good. Still better than a ton of crap on the lower half of the ZMN roster. Grade: B 

Current ZMN Rank: #50 out of 116

Golden Zombey WatchHow about the zombies for Best Non-Zombie Villain?! Does that just blow your mind? Mimesis contains an end-credits song that is about as cheesy and horrible as anything I’ve ever heard this side of Death Valley: the Revenge of Bloody Bill. And it’s by an actual group with name recognition, The Insane Clown Posse! When I heard it, at first I thought for sure it was made in one of the producer’s basement. So, that’s a pretty strong nominee for the often ironic, Best Soundtrack category.


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