Early on in the life of this blog I posted 10 Quality Movies Streaming on Netflix. Since then, a bunch of those movies are no longer streaming, but it was a solid list. Last year I posted another 10. Most of those are still streaming, but admittedly the list was a bit weaker. Now I present to you, oh lover of zombies (that doesn’t sound good. note to self: edit that line), a new list of quality zombie movies currently streaming. I might need to adjust the title at some point, but these are still some very uh…watchable movies!

1. The Cabin in the Woods – Not technically a “zombie movie,” but it still contains a whole lot of zombies. You’ve got to see it to understand. An absolutely fun and awesome film. It’s probably the best movie on the ZMN roster, even if it’s not the best zombie movie.

2. [REC] 3: Genesis – The original [REC] is great. [REC] 2 is a terrible abomination. [REC] 3 returns the franchise to greatness. The film goes for more laughs than the very straight-faced first chapters and ends up finding that perfect balance of humor and zombie awesomeness.

3. ParaNorman – Finally a movie on the list that you can watch with your 4-year-old. From the makers of Coraline, comes this animated zombie film. The stop-motion animation is beautifully done and the story is pretty good, too. Obviously, it’s a bit lower on blood and gore than it’s other buddies on this list.

4. Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies – A bite off of the theatrically released Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, this film actually surpasses the movie it was ripping off! Fun all the way around. Bill Oberst Jr. gives a performance as Lincoln that rivals Daniel Day Lewis!

5. Osombie – If you like zombies and you like G.I. Joe, this is the movie for you. Soldiers hunt down the zombified Osama Bin Laden. Without the somewhat provocative hook, it actually stands on its own pretty well as a zombie action movie.

6. Monster Brawl – What’s that? You don’t like G.I. Joe? Well, maybe professional wrestling is more your style. Forget plot and story, Monster Brawl is straight up monsters and body slams (with a pretty good serving of zombies). Stars Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart and Kevin Nash. If those names don’t mean anything to you, you’re better off skipping this one.

7. Dead Season – Apocalypse survivors always seem to fantasize about finding a zombie-free island. Well, Dead Season actually gets our heroes there. Of course, things are never perfect when it comes to surviving together and no place is ever completely zombie-free. Stars my favorite actor, Scott Peat!

8. Bloodlust Zombies – Its claim to fame is that its lead actress is pornstar, Alexis Texas. Unbelievably, this film is way better than it has any right to be. Contains laughs of both the intentional and unintentional variety. And it has boobs in it.

9. Beyond the Grave – Have you ever wondered what a Brazilian zombie movie would look like? Me neither, yet this still exists. A strange tale set post-apocalypse. Weird enough to be worth watching.

10. Deadgirl – Two kids find a zombie and decide to…have sex with her. Creepy and disturbing, yet strangely compelling. The real story is in the disintegrating relationship of the two friends. Only zombies could bring this and ParaNorman together in the same blog post!

Oh. The first two seasons of The Walking Dead are also streaming, but everybody’s seen those. How many of your friends have seen Beyond the Grave? Go! Now! Brag about your zombie knowledge!

Still Streaming from previous lists: The Horde, Dead Snow, Mutants, Doghouse, Pontypool, The Signal, Rammbock, Helldriver, Survival of the Dead, Primal, Quarantine 2: Terminal

  1. arthurhank says:

    “The original [REC] is great. [REC] 2 is a terrible abomination. [REC] 3 returns the franchise to greatness” the whole world thinks that Genesis almost killed te franchise, and that Rec 2 is the epitome of zombie greatness. But hey, America thinks that Resident Evil movies are good, so, we can’t expect too much form you guys.

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