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Season 4 of Zombie Movie Night has come to a close, which means that it is time to hand out the coveted Golden Zombeys! Celebrating the best and the worst that ZMN had to offer. Eligible movies were any that were viewed as part of ZMN between October 2012 and September 2013. It was quite a year, and it really seemed like the quality outweighed the crap by a huge degree. Here’s a quick rundown of the winners. For a more detailed presentation click the link:

12:13 Zombeys PDF

ZMN Lifetime Achievement Award: Night of the Living Dead

Best Zombie Movie Night Feature: Warm Bodies

Best Actor in a Zombie Movie: Alexis Diaz de Villegas – Juan of the Dead

Best Actress in a Zombie Movie: Sarah Spencer – Harold’s Going Stiff

Best Supporting Actor in a Zombie Movie: Rob Corddry – Warm Bodies

Best Supporting Actress in a Zombie Movie: Danielle Chuchran – Osombie

Outstanding Zombie in a Zombie Movie: Fucko the Clown – Scary or Die

Best Villain (Non-Zombie): The “Zombies” – Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead

Best Zombie-Fighting Duo: Sloan & Goldie – Insane in the Brain

Best Zombie Comedy: Juan of the Dead

Best Nudity: Bloodlust Zombies

Best Foreign Film: Juan of the Dead

Most Memorable Massacring of Zombies: Dead Alive – Lionel & a Lawnmower

Most Original Zombie Origin: Insane in the Brain – Funky Pheromones

Best Soundtrack: Detention of the Dead

Most Bizarre Zombie Behavior: State of Emergency – Giving Up

Best Unintentional Comedy: Black Swarm – Romantic Backstory

Biggest “WTF” Moment: John Dies at the End – John Doesn’t Die at the End

Worst Ending: DeadHeads

Best Poster Art: Humans Vs. Zombies

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