Marvel Zombies: Villains Minimates

Posted: 12/06/2013 in Novelties
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Marvel Zombies: Villains


Way back in aught-six, Marvel put out a series of comics in which it’s greatest heroes became flesh-craving zombies. At the time, Diamond Select Toys distributed a few sets of the heroes in all their zombie glory (check out my review here). Then for a long time nothing happened. Word on the street was that Marvel decided at some point that producing action figures of Captain America with his brain exposed and blood all over his shield might be too traumatic for sensitive young comic fans. Desensitized adult fans the world over dismayed. Fortunately, it appears that Marvel has softened slightly on their “no zombie toy” policy and has allowed for minimates of their already evil villains. First out of the gate are Magneto, Green Goblin, Magneto, and The Red Skull.


Zombie Green Goblin & Zombie Red Skull


This pair is kind of strange to me, since they both kind of have devilish faces already. Why Green Goblin’s mask turns into a zombie is beyond me and Red Skull already has a skull for a head so becoming a zombie wouldn’t change him much. But, that’s source material stuff. These two are pretty nice figures. There’s a lot of re-use on all of these guys, with every figure combining what’s been released in the regular Marvel line with zombie stuff from the Walking Dead line. It fits together well and every choice makes sense. Goblin comes with his glider, this time with a base that is murkier and darker than the typical “blast-off” base. He has an alternate pumpkin bomb hand and Norman Osborn head. The Red Skull has apparently suffered some serious limb damage as both of his hands are missing. As with the zombies in the Walking Dead line, he comes with alternate full arms. I prefer the armless look, because for Skull it’s really what makes his zombieism apparent. He comes with two guns as well. When I opened the pack I thought, “Oh look, two weapons he can’t hold, weird.” But upon further inspection, even armless he can still pack some heat. His pistol fits into his hip holster and the rifle attaches to his back with a strap. The pack also comes with a guts attachment, previously included with TWD’s Crawling Zombie. I decided to let Skull wear it, so that he looks really messed up. It’s actually perfect for the Iron Man zombie, since in the comic Tony does lose his lower half.

Zombie Galactus & Zombie Magneto


Zombie Galactus is not exactly canon. In the comic, he gets devoured by the heroes, which is how they come to possess his cosmic powers. That’s not really all that important to me and I’m still happy to have a zombified world-eater. Obviously he’s not to scale, but he’s still cool. His helmet is removable, revealing his zombie face, although he’s not a character that you see helmet-less very often. He’s got the least amount of physical damage out of the group, but hey, he’s Galactus, tough to do much damage to that guy. Zombie Magneto might be my favorite of the bunch. Some of the details might be hard to see, but he’s got a see-through torso around his exposed spine so if you took off his cape, you could see right through him. He’s also got a little chunk taken out of his side, which I believe is a piece previously used with Female Zombie and Vest Zombie. He comes with his helmet and an alternate hair piece so that you can display him either way. I don’t think that he ever became a zombie in the comic either, but again, I don’t really care.


Overall, this is a nice set. It obviously fits in well with the previously released hero zombies. I didn’t think that we’d ever see any more Marvel zombies, so this was a very welcome surprise. DST has intimated that they hope to do similar villain sets around Halloween in coming years. Hopefully that comes to fruition. There were quite a few more high-profile villains featured in the comic, including Dr. Octopus, Juggernaut, Venom, and Sabertooth. Although I’m personally rooting for a Zombie Stilt-Man.

You can obtain this set for about $18-$20 online or at your local comic book or specialty store. As always, I recommend for any minimate purchases.


This is how Rhino went down.


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