The Absolute, Very Best, Zombie Movies Currently Streaming on Netflix (sort of)

Posted: 08/31/2014 in Misc.

For the last 3 years, I’ve offered up what I believe to be the best zombie movies available immediately to watch if you have Netflix streaming. They have been some of my most viewed posts, so let’s keep the magic alive, shall we? Before we start here is a list of movies from the previous lists that are still available (or available again in some cases).

*Links lead to full reviews

The Horde, The Cabin in the Woods, Pontypool, Dead Snow, [REC] 3, ParaNorman, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Survival of the Dead, Quarantine 2, and Beyond the Grave.

1. Night of the Living Dead – The granddaddy of them all. Birth of a genre. This one had been streaming a few years ago, and now it’s back, Yay!

2. World War Z – Brad Pitt’s re-imagining of the popular novel by Max Brooks. There’s an unrated version that I have not seen, I wonder if it improves the film, which was already pretty cool? Only one way to find out….Ask someone who’s watched it.

3. Harold’s Going Stiff – This one goes for the heart, and not in the normal flesh-eating way, either. Golden Zombey winner, Sarah Spencer, steals the show as she cares for an elderly man slowly giving way to zombieism.

4. Frankenstein’s Army – Sometimes you want a movie that’s just crazy, crazy, crazy, in your face, all the time. F’sA stars a zombie with a propeller for a head.

5. Night of the Creeps – An oldie, but goodie. Alien slugs create zombies that run amok in an 80’s college town. Pretty funny and engaging. Worth checking out.

6. Dead Before Dawn – Speaking of funny zombie movies. A curse causes local residents to kill themselves and then return as zombies. That might not sound like the makings of an effective comedy, but this one hits all the right notes.

7. Cockneys vs. Zombies – Yet another effective zombie comedy. Some down-on-their-luck English folk team up with the residents of a retirement community to give the zombie apocalypse a run for its money.

8. Buck Wild – This one I really thought would be terrible, but to my surprise was one of the most enjoyable zombie movies I’ve watched this year, even though it does not feature zombie deer.

9. Stalled – What would happen if you were on the toilet in a public restroom when the zombie apocalypse broke out? It’s time you found out.

10. John Dies at the End – Barely a zombie movie, but I’m still going to include it, just because it’s a fun movie.

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