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Zombie Island…in Space!

Axe Cop

I have a 4-year-old daughter. For about the past 9 months she’s been calling herself Cheerio, a super hero with limitless power (she gains a new power every time she eats Cheerios!), although her primary power is cutting the heads off of zombies (I’m so proud). She includes just about everyone she’s ever met into her super hero adventures. It’s infinitely fun to be a part of. Her imagination is limited only by her life experience, but she’s very good at filling in the gaps…with often entertaining results. This same magic is created in the web comic, Axe Cop, which is now also a late-night cartoon on Fox. Axe Cop was born when comic book artist, Ethan Nicolle, decided to illustrate the adventures that his 5-year-old brother, Malachai, played out during a Christmas visit. The result is pure, magical, and fun. Axe Cop is essentially the way that all of us viewed super heroes at one point. Powerful, unflinching, without a hint of irony or parody. It is fantastic and hilarious in a way that no adult could recreate on their own.

What does this have to do with zombies, you ask? Well, Axe Cop often comes into contact with all sorts of supernatural baddies: vampires, werewolves, witches, and of course, zombies. The second episode of the animated series pits Axe Cop against an army of the undead, among other…less pleasant villains.

Zombie Island…in Space captures the frantic energy of the web comic fairly well. We start with Hitler creating zombies, then jump to a giant robot, then a villain marrying the Queen of England, and of course, the Pope pooping his pants. (That last gag was probably written in by an adult, it lacks the purity I mentioned earlier, but still works nonetheless). Zombies are present throughout and SPOILER ALERT! end up fighting on both the sides of good and evil.

I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes of Axe Cop so far and they’re definitely worth checking out. (If you don’t like them, they’re only 10 minutes long, so really, what have you lost?) I hope that the animated series is able to maintain the heart of Axe Cop, that is to say, the 5-year-old boy (or 4-year-old girl) in all of us.

Axe Cop airs on Saturday nights on Fox or you can watch episodes here:!/shows/axecop

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