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The Walking Dead
TV Series 2:
Rick and Shane

BFF 4-Ever

BFF 4-Ever

Last year I posted a review of a couple of McFarlane’s Walking Dead figures based on the AMC television series. I was not very impressed and said that I would most likely not pick up any of the subsequent figures. Well, I didn’t go back on my word, but being a well known zombie and toy lover (that doesn’t sound quite right) I received two of the newer figures as a Christmas gift.

DSCN1663Rick and Shane come from the second series of action figures based on the show. There are also three zombie figures in this series: Bicycle Girl from season 1 and the Well Zombie and RV (Screwdriver in the eye) Zombie from season 2.


Rick Grimes sports a pretty messed up T-Shirt, his Sheriff’s hat, and a fairly clean pair of jeans (always wear black during the apocalypse, it hides stains). He comes with three interchangeable hands so that you can choose to display him with his pistol (which also fits in a holster on his hip), rifle with scope, or zombie dog-catcher thingee. The hands are a nice extra touch. It’s much better than being given nice accessories that the figure can’t hold.

There’s something about Rick’s face that seems a bit off. It might be the sculpt, but I think the main culprit is the paint, especially the look of his eyes. The light blue makes him look a little too ghostly. Rick actually looks better from far away than up close.


Rick’s got articulation at the neck, shoulder, elbows, and wrists. All of those joints are pretty useful in positioning him to hold his weapons, though they stick out like sore thumbs on his realistic looking upper body. He has less articulation downstairs; only two diagonal cuts at the crotch and turnable feet. The crotch cuts are really useless; if you position them in any way other than straight up, Rick just looks silly. It’s better than Daryl, who had a crapload of useless leg cuts, but if you were hoping to make Rick look like he’s running, it’s just not going to happen.


Shane is partially shirtless (for the ladies) and comes with a shotgun, which he holds with two hands. He kinda has to sport the gun, as he looks pretty silly without it. There are some nice sculpted details on Shane, though he’s got one fugly looking face. I don’t think Jon Bernthal is the most handsome guy, but he’s definitely better looking than his action figure counterpart.

Shane’s got a lot less articulation than Rick. He has neck movement (but not a swivel), shoulders, a waist that is heavily restricted by his shirt, and two useless thigh cuts. He’s essentially a statue aside from having the ability to raise or lower his gun and turn his head slightly. Honestly, I’m not sure if I prefer the ugly looking joints on Rick or the lack of joints on Shane. I do find it funny that the box touts Shane’s shoulder cuts as if they were an action feature.


Overall, I’m still left feeling pretty underwhelmed by this line of figures. I’ll always favor more cartoonish action figures for this reason: When you try to make realistic looking figures, you either have to choose between making them statues or giving them articulation that clashes with the realistic looking sculpt. McFarlane doesn’t seem to know which way it’s going with these guys and the result is a bit of a mess. Some figures are more articulated than others. Rick features ugly-looking joints. Daryl has a bunch of weird, useless cuts. Shane and Tank Zombie have almost no articulation and all of the zombies have bizarre action features.

I’d really like to have some nice figures based on the TV show, but unfortunately these McFarlane figures leave much to be desired.