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Marvel Zombies: Villains


Way back in aught-six, Marvel put out a series of comics in which it’s greatest heroes became flesh-craving zombies. At the time, Diamond Select Toys distributed a few sets of the heroes in all their zombie glory (check out my review here). Then for a long time nothing happened. Word on the street was that Marvel decided at some point that producing action figures of Captain America with his brain exposed and blood all over his shield might be too traumatic for sensitive young comic fans. Desensitized adult fans the world over dismayed. Fortunately, it appears that Marvel has softened slightly on their “no zombie toy” policy and has allowed for minimates of their already evil villains. First out of the gate are Magneto, Green Goblin, Magneto, and The Red Skull.


Zombie Green Goblin & Zombie Red Skull


This pair is kind of strange to me, since they both kind of have devilish faces already. Why Green Goblin’s mask turns into a zombie is beyond me and Red Skull already has a skull for a head so becoming a zombie wouldn’t change him much. But, that’s source material stuff. These two are pretty nice figures. There’s a lot of re-use on all of these guys, with every figure combining what’s been released in the regular Marvel line with zombie stuff from the Walking Dead line. It fits together well and every choice makes sense. Goblin comes with his glider, this time with a base that is murkier and darker than the typical “blast-off” base. He has an alternate pumpkin bomb hand and Norman Osborn head. The Red Skull has apparently suffered some serious limb damage as both of his hands are missing. As with the zombies in the Walking Dead line, he comes with alternate full arms. I prefer the armless look, because for Skull it’s really what makes his zombieism apparent. He comes with two guns as well. When I opened the pack I thought, “Oh look, two weapons he can’t hold, weird.” But upon further inspection, even armless he can still pack some heat. His pistol fits into his hip holster and the rifle attaches to his back with a strap. The pack also comes with a guts attachment, previously included with TWD’s Crawling Zombie. I decided to let Skull wear it, so that he looks really messed up. It’s actually perfect for the Iron Man zombie, since in the comic Tony does lose his lower half.

Zombie Galactus & Zombie Magneto


Zombie Galactus is not exactly canon. In the comic, he gets devoured by the heroes, which is how they come to possess his cosmic powers. That’s not really all that important to me and I’m still happy to have a zombified world-eater. Obviously he’s not to scale, but he’s still cool. His helmet is removable, revealing his zombie face, although he’s not a character that you see helmet-less very often. He’s got the least amount of physical damage out of the group, but hey, he’s Galactus, tough to do much damage to that guy. Zombie Magneto might be my favorite of the bunch. Some of the details might be hard to see, but he’s got a see-through torso around his exposed spine so if you took off his cape, you could see right through him. He’s also got a little chunk taken out of his side, which I believe is a piece previously used with Female Zombie and Vest Zombie. He comes with his helmet and an alternate hair piece so that you can display him either way. I don’t think that he ever became a zombie in the comic either, but again, I don’t really care.


Overall, this is a nice set. It obviously fits in well with the previously released hero zombies. I didn’t think that we’d ever see any more Marvel zombies, so this was a very welcome surprise. DST has intimated that they hope to do similar villain sets around Halloween in coming years. Hopefully that comes to fruition. There were quite a few more high-profile villains featured in the comic, including Dr. Octopus, Juggernaut, Venom, and Sabertooth. Although I’m personally rooting for a Zombie Stilt-Man.

You can obtain this set for about $18-$20 online or at your local comic book or specialty store. As always, I recommend for any minimate purchases.


This is how Rhino went down.


Marvel Zombies Minimates

Marvel Zombies Minimates

Back in 2006, Marvel comics created a series in which its heaviest hitters turned into zombies and ravaged the world. While I personally felt that the idea of mixing zombies and super heroes could have been better managed in comic book form, the series did give us the opportunity to have zombie super hero action figures! Diamond Select Toys created some large figures as part of their Marvel Select line (I reviewed Spider-Man here), but they also included zombie figures into their Marvel Minimates line. There are nine figures (ten if you include Wasp, we’ll get to her later) that came in the form of one 5 pack, and two 2 packs.

5 Pack: Zombies Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Power Man, and Hulk (and Wasp)

Zombie Spider-Man and Captain America

While I enjoy all of these figures very much, some members of the 5-pack are definitely stronger than others. Spider-Man and Captain America are my favorites of the bunch. All of the figures include damage that is comic-accurate: Spider-Man’s got a busted leg, Cap’s head is open, Power Man’s ribs are exposed, etc. While Spider-Man is annoying as hell in the comic, his zombified minimate is perfect. The detail all around is excellent, including the use of clear plastic as part of his block body. Captain America is also meticulously detailed head to toe, I especially like his blood-stained shield. His body is beat-up, but not too zombified, so I suppose you could switch out a different Cap head to make simply a severely battle-damaged Cap figure.

Zombie Wolverine, Hulk, and Power Man

A little less impressive are the other three figures. Power Man is pretty well-done figure, although he’s certainly much less of a super hero powerhouse compared with his boxmates. Hulk looks decent, though the detail on his chest seems poor next to Spidey and Cap. The real loser here is Wolverine. Hands-down my least favorite of the bunch, something about him seems really off. His bulked up chest piece gives him an odd look. His face looks a bit odd, and with his mask on, looks even worse. As a bonus, the set also comes with the head of the Wasp. She’s got a small piece neck left, so you can’t place her on any other minimate bodies, but she’s also got a little handle built into her hair so that others can carry around. Not really a full figure, but definitely a cool little accessory. (Unfortunately, Wasp is one of my daughter’s favorite heroes and this is the only action figure I have of her.)

The set is really cool as a whole. It cost about 18 bucks when it first came out in 2007. Unfortunately, now if you want to get your hands you’ll probably have to pay at least $75. Whether or not you’re willing to pay that will probably depend on how much you like zombies, super heroes, and/or minimates.

Zombie Daredevil and Giant Man

Zombie Daredevil and Giant Man

Daredevil is a pretty well-known hero, though he did not have a big role in the Marvel Zombies comic books. Giant Man is a B-lister, but had a big role in the book. They were packed together as a 2007 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Daredevil sports a giant hole in his chest. The same clear plastic technique is used here, though it’s a bit less effective as there’s some visible load-bearing plastic in his little block body. Giant Man may be the least gory figure of the bunch, but he’s still a nice addition to the hero zombie horde.

Black Panther and Zombie Iron Man

Black Panther and Zombie Iron Man

The final two-pack was a Previews exclusive and contained The Black Panther and Iron Man. Black Panther is the only non-zombie of the group, though he may have the worst body damage. In the comic, Giant Man was taking his time with the Panther, eating a piece at a time before he escaped. As a result, Panther’s missing an arm and a leg. He comes with his makeshift crutch and a bloody foot bandage. He comes with a slip-on head cover, so he can appear masked or unmasked. I would have preferred an extra head piece instead of the slip-on, but he looks decent displayed either way. Iron Man gets blasted apart in the comics and the nice thing about his minimate form is that you can remove his lower body to make him comic-accurate. Iron Man’s biggest flaw is that his face plate looks too big and makes him look a bit goofy. It’s removable and looks better positioned to show his face, even if it doesn’t fit quite right in the peg holes.

The two exclusive packs are also a few years old. You can get them cheaper than the 5-pack, though they might feel incomplete on their own.

As always, the best thing about the minimate packs is there interchangeability. Now with The Walking Dead minimates available, you can combine their zombie worlds. Here’s Rick Grimes and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil fighting off the zombie heroes:

Zombie Busters vs. Super Zombies

Or you could supplement TWD zombies to create the Zombie Avengers!

Zombie Avenger Minimates

I’m not sure if they’re worth the prices you’d have to pay now to complete the whole set, but they are certainly cool figures to have as part of your collection.

Escape from Super Zombies


Marvel Select: Zombie Spider-Man

With zombie power comes zombie responsibility.

A few years back, Marvel came out with a series of comics called Marvel Zombies. There have since been a number of series that have gone in some strange directions, but it began with zombified versions of Marvel’s biggest heroes. And the biggest Marvel hero there is, is Spider-Man.

Diamond Select Toys came out with action figures based on the comics as part of their Marvel Select line. In addition to Spider-Man, there were also figures of a zombified Hulk and Captain America.

The sculpting and paint on Spidey is pretty nice. The lines and color of his costume are well done, as are the gory parts of his zombieness. What I find lacking is his articulation. It’s fairly standard with neck, shoulder, elbow, waist, knee, and ankle joints. He can move around some, but not enough for Spider-Man. You can’t really get him into any dynamic Spidey poses. This is an issue for me with most Spider-Man figures though, and I suppose you could argue that Spider-Man’s not so flexible since becoming a zombie.

You don’t get much in terms of accessories here. Spidey’s got a removable leg, so I guess that counts. It’s nice in that Spider-Man does lose his leg in the comic, though I keep it on him as it’s hard to pose him much on one leg. He also comes with a base that has a dead Silver Surfer torso sculpted into it. This is also consistent with the comic and Hulk and Captain America’s bases have the Surfer’s other parts on them.

While overall, he’s a nice figure I just find him to be sort of unremarkable. I can’t quite put my finger on it, he just doesn’t excite me very much. He’s also a few years old now, so if you want to get your hands on him it going to cost you in the range of 60-70 bucks, which is really way too high and not something that I would recommend paying.

Zombieism hit Mary Jane especially hard.