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Walking Dead Minimates

The Walking Dead is blowing up big time. And with fame and fortune come action figures. McFarlane offered up some pretty flawed figures (see my review of two of them here), but much more exciting are Diamond Select Toys upcoming minimate line.

Minimates are tiny block figures, but expertly detailed and completely interchangeable. They’ve been around for 10 years and have covered a number of licenses, so there are lots of options out there if you want to match Rick Grimes up against other pop culture icons.

The first wave of figures are due to come out in September and feature Rick, Dale, Shane, Glenn, and a bunch of zombies. But before they hit stores a special San Diego Comic Con exclusive set is out right now.

The set features a Battle-Damaged Rick coupled with a casually dressed “Vacation” Zombie.

If you’re familiar with Minimates you already have an idea of what you’re getting as they all share a basic body frame. If you don’t care for Minimates or block figures in general you won’t like this set, but if you do this is a pretty fantastic buy.

Both figures are well designed. Rick looks appropriately pissed considering he’s just lost a hand and he’s going a bit nuts at this point in the comic. The figure captures his look perfectly. He’s got a inconvenient right-handed holster consistent with the comic.

I don’t think that the zombie is pulled directly from the comic, but I can’t say for sure considering that individual zombies don’t get a lot of coverage in the book. Regardless he’s a nice undead figure. He’s got a good bit of damage to his body and portions of the figure are done in a clear plastic, indicating where he’s got some missing pieces. He’s designed to be missing an arm, but also comes with the arm so you’ve got the option in how you want him displayed.

It’s not a disability, it’s an opportunity!

Overall, this is a great set that’s got me really excited for the full line-up. It is a SDCC exclusive, but it’s pretty readily available for about 9 bucks. Two reliable sites where you can pick it up are or

A promising break dancing career cut tragically short.

Rick’s unfortunate run-in with the Governor. (It’s a Schwarzenegger Minimate!….eh?eh?)

***Maximum Zombie Minimates are also still available out there and make a nice companion piece to begin to build an adorable zombie horde***